WP 4: Quality Control

The EU coordinator Danube University prepared a report on qualiy control to ensure the quality and the progress of the project. This document provides an overview about the quality assurance processes, measures and instruments used by the VALERU project consortium. Download

According to this quality assurance plan, the VALERU evaluation processes are embedded in a Balanced Score Card (BSC) approach. The four perspectives of the BSC translate the project’s vision and strategy into a coherent set of performance measures. Instead of giving the financial measure a central value the BSC distributes the evaluation and monitoring process into four different perspectives:

  • Financial measures,
  • Customer satisfaction,
  • Internal business processes,
  • Learning growth and competence development.

The VALERU quality assurance approach covers several evaluation levels from formative and summative perspectives. These levels are:

  • Internal project evaluation (formative and on-going)
  • Evaluation of project processes and outcomes
  • Summative assessment of impact on the target groups

Internal Project Evaluation
VALERU developed an internal project evaluation form that aims at monitoring the working activities performed by the coordinators and consortium members. The questionnaire is based on a form that was already successfully by another EU project consortium. It has been adapted to the specific requirements of the VALERU project. The indicators used in the internal evaluation questionnaire are:

  • Work activity (e.g. work performance, problems and obstacles).
  • Co-ordination of the work (e.g. communication, information flow, use of resources)
  • Implementation of the project, required modifications and dissemination (e.g. project objectives and outcomes, related methodologies, dissemination activities)

The internal project evaluation will be carried out in three rounds. After each evaluation round, DUK provides a short report of the results (given that the consortium returned the questionnaires by the requested date). The results will be discussed and analysed by the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and will be communicated to the consortium during project meetings.

Project members can access the outcomes of the interal project evaluation (reports) at the VALERU Project Member Section.

Evaluation of Impact on Target Group
The evaluation of the impact on the target group will be performed by a questionnaire survey which will be sent to all project actors participating in meetings of the consortiums and participants for the training sessions to become certified validations experts. For both target groups and each different meeting different questionnaires are provided. Two evaluation reports will be written during the project runtime and discussed within the project steering committee (PSC). The questionnaire for the training session will be evaluated immediately after the trainings and will be used to improve the next training session (=formative evaluation).
The interim and final report will contain results of the different evaluations. It will discuss and analyse the opinions of the participants of the training sessions.

Here you can download the detailed evaluation results of the training sessions held up to now:

Questionnaires concerning quality assurance of the project:

Download the report on quality control here.

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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