WP 2: Platform Development

VALERU WP 2.1 Conceptual Design of VNIL Platform

As a backbone of the project, the web-based VALERU platform should not only ensure a wide impact of the project (function no. 1), but also provide information and training material for future validation experts (function no. 2). This deliverable contains the conceptual design of the platform. Download

In June 2015 the platform development was handed over to the VALERU partner and RU local coordinator MIIGAiK. This measure will provide the sustainability of the project, as it is crucial to have Russian based development and maintenance according to the needs of the Russian stakeholders.

 In October 2015 an enhanced training strategy was decided for the project, which should strenghten the impact and the sustainability of the project. In the latest steering committee meeting (October 06 2015) it was decided to provide online assessment  at the platform, which will be a crucial part of the platform development within the next months. Find more information about the enhanced strategy concerning the training session here.

The final exam of the VNIL training will be provided online at the VALERU platform. The WordPress plugin watu (https://wordpress.org/plugins/watu/) allows us to create exams online.

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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