WP 1: VNIL methodology

VALERU WP 1.1 Methodology of NIL Validation Systems

Different procedures of validation have been analyzed and elaborated to one procedure of validation that can be used as basis for the further development and implementation of validation procedures for non-formal and informal learning at Russian universities.Within the upcoming trainings of experts at Russian partner universities the procedure can be filled with life, more concrete functions and specified procedures and methods for the different purposes. Download

VALERU WP 1.2 Comparative Analysis of NIL Validation Systems

The central aim of this report was (1) to conduct of a complex analysis of existing systems of NIL validation within the partners (2) to analyse advantages and disadvantages of the systems in European and Russian universities and (3) to elaborate a methodology that is based on this analysis. Download

Under Validation Practices you find all the country reports describing the status quo on the national understanding von VNIL and validation practices.

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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