VNIL Field Visit in Chester

The fourth VALERU field visit took place at UoC in Chester from April 05-07, 2016.


The Churchill House at UoC – this is where our field visit took place.

The 5th of April was dedicated to lectures and workshops about the validation procedures at the Work-Based and Integrative Studies Programm, provided by the CWRS (Centre for Work Related Studies) at UoC. David Perrin, Jon Talbot and David Major were lecturing and prepared a roleplay for us. The VALERU project members could experience how to advise interested persons in applying for the WBIS programme and which experiences to validate/ how much credit to give for experiental learning. Here you can also check out the UoC presentation and other documents/links on the VNIL procedure at Chester:



Filling out forms for validating prior learning.

For more information on the Chester field visit, take a look at following VALERU-Newsarticle, at the picture gallery you can check out more pictures of the field visit!

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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