VNIL Field Visit in Brest

The third VALERU field visit took place at UBO in Brest from the 16th to the 17th of December 2015.


A picture of the VALERU project meeting on the first day of the field visit.

The 16th of December was dedicated to the valeru project meeting and the 17th was devoted to 2 workshops. The workshops were introduced by Jean Marie Filloque, vice rector for lifelong learning and academic affairs in UBO, who presented the context about validation of prior experience and VNIL in France and in Europe. Read more about french VNIL procedures on our platform (VALERU country report for France and the UBO VNIL jury guidelines).

Here you can find all the presentation slides and reports from VNIL workshops in Brest:

For more information on the Brest field visit, take a look at following VALERU news-article!

Here you can find a review of the VALERU field visit, written by Isabell Grundschober: Review of the VALERU Field Visit in Brest

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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