VALERU VNIL Training in Ufa


The 4th VALERU VNIL training took place in Ufa between June 7 and 9, 2016. Our training participants were highly motivated and worked together with us on critical reflection, implementation phases of validation procedures and on writing learning outcomes, aligned with assessment methods. The first day of the training was dedicated to getting to know each other, writing down questions regarding VNIL and introducing the three modules through lectures and group activities. On the second day and the first half of the third day we worked in small groups in workshop-settings. A problem-orientated and student-centered way of working together was our aim. As teams, we analysed and evaluated important issues for validation procedures in Higher Education Institutions:

Critical reflection, reflective practice, work-based learning, phases of the validation procedure, the European Qualification Framework, learning outcomes and assessment methods. The second half of the third day was about summing up and, above all, about the certification ceremony: The participants received the certificate for attendance, which is one part of the VNIL training programme. Just two more steps are missing, until receiving the final, international VALERU VNIL certificate: The online exam and the reflective report!

But there is another great aspect of the VALERU VNIL training: The VALERU training team not only could work together with the training participants on the topic of VNIL during the VALERU training in Ufa, but we also learned a lot about Bashkortostan, the country’s culture, hospitality and the great variety of ethnical groups living here!

The VALERU project is an EU project, funded by TEMPUS. It not only promotes capacity building and modernisation in higher education, which helps us to face the fast-changing society and labour market we are living in, but it also contributes to a big part to intercultural learning and working together beyond country borders. Friendships and fruitful work relations are established, which is a sound basis for true change-making!


I also storified our training session, so you can get a better impression of the time we spent in Ufa for the VNIL training:

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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