University of Chester

The University of Chester (UoC) offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate awards including awards at doctoral level through its seven Faculties. The University of Chester has a student population of 14,000 drawn from the UK and overseas. The University is recognised nationally for its innovative work in the provision of programmes of negotiated Work Based Learning and has circa 2,500 students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels on programmes of Work Based Learning or Placement Learning. To support its Employer Engagement scheme, the University works in partnership with a large number of businesses and organisations both public and private sector including contracts from the central UK government and local government. It is also affiliated to a number of other UK universities with Work Based Learning provision in order to maximise the potential of research and development initiatives.


Professor David Major

David is a key figure in the creation of Work based learning at the University of Chester and is an acknolwedged and widely respected expert in the field. David was instrumental in the creation (from 1998) of the Work Based and Integrative Studies (WBIS) programme at Chester which is thought to be among the most flexible higher education frameworks in the world. The validation of non-formal and informal learning is central to the practice of WBIS so David has been involved in this work for almost 20 years. David also helped establish the Centre for Work Related Studies at Chester, one the largest centres for the provision of university Work based learning in the UK. For several years he led the Centre but more recently he has concentrated upon external realtions and strategic development.



Dr Jon Talbot

Jon has worked at the Centre for Work Related Studies for a decade where he has led and participated in a variety on pathways within the WBIS programme. He therefore has extensive practical experience in the validation of non-formal and informal learning. In recent years he has concentrated more on research, both as a facilitator of student research projects and publication.


Author: Wolfgang Rauter

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