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As in other countries the incorporation of informal learning into formal programmes of learning in higher education is not widespread although no data exists on its extent. It would seem there are particular difficulties integrating it within many conventional subject discipline curriculums. The terms ‘non-formal’ and ‘informal learning’ have little currency – the word ‘experiential’ being more commonly used. Experiential learning is captured from past learning and often in current learning. It is rarely used as the basis for admission. Practices vary between universities reflecting their high degree of institutional autonomy. The most developed practices and extensive integration of experiential learning occurs in Work based learning programmes of which there are a growing number. Such programmes are flexibly designed and delivered around the needs of adults in work rather than having a curriculum designed to impart didactic learning is a subject discipline. Trans-disciplinarity enables an easier integration between real world/informal and accredited/formal learning.

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Author: Eva Cendon

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