Russian Federation

To improve its competitiveness the education system of the Russian Federation (RF) is aimed at finding and implementing innovative solutions for the strategic development of education. Realization of informal and non-formal learning in RF could be presented as innovative educational approach.

However, currently in Russia there is a low involvement of citizens in these educational sectors due to the lack of learning outcomes validation. Such an approach would satisfy the needs of citizens and develop human potential of the country by improving the dynamics of some perspective sectors of education including informal and non-formal learning.

The transition to such a system will result in reforming of the existing education system that is not easily accepted by the professional community. It is necessary to arrange the following measures:

– Monitoring of non-formal and informal learning system in various educational segments;

– Determination of adapted successful models;

– Understanding the experience of such system functioning in the RF;

– Correlation of national system with foreign;

– Clarification of NFL and IL relevance and strategic necessity for competitive and successful future of Russia;

– Development of administrative procedures in the field of NFL and IL;

– Development of criteria and methods for results evaluation in NFL and IL.

Country Report Russian Federation

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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