Prof. Qualifications Development Agency of Rep. Bashkortostan

Professional Qualifications Development Agency of Republic Bashkortostan (PQDA RB) is a regional non-commercial organization aimed to integrate efforts of higher educational institutions, colleges, associations of employers, professional communities, and public authorities, on creation of a regional segment of national system of competences and qualifications. The departments of PQDA RB coordinate the collaboration among 16 higher educational institutions (more than 170.000 students), 74 colleges (more than 80.000 students), 200 large and medium enterprises, 22 professional communities (consolidated more than 800.000 professionals).


Azamat M. Gubaydullin
Director-General of PQDA RB, President of the Alumni Association of Presidential Program of Young Managers Preparation in Republic Bashkortostan, аn active member of Russian Managerial Community. In 2009 he took advanced training in Japan. In 2010-2012 he was a departmental manager in the Gonvernment of the Republic Bashkortostan. He is an experienced Foresight-researcher. Since 2012 he is a regional leader of the project “Vertical Flights” on the basis of Ufa State University of Economics and Service. This project is realized with support of the Agency of Strategic Initiatives, directed on creation of personnel base of the professionals getting a competence-based education during the solution of practical tasks for medium business.

Denis V. Popov
Executive Director of PQDA RB, Dr.-Ing., Assoc.Prof. at the Ufa State Aviation Technical University and the Bashkir State University, where he teaches and advises Ph.D. students. His research is focused on decision making support in social and economic systems, related to formal and informal education processes and competence management. He spent two months (2009) and three months (2010) at Dresden Technical University. He has more than 50 publications in international conferences, 20 papers in refereed journals, 3 monograph books. He took part in organizing several All-Russian and International workshops, seminars, and olympiads. He is a member of Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence.

Artur F. Galyamov
Head of the Department for Informal Education Validation of PQDA RB, Senior lecturer at the Ufa State Aviation Technical University and Ufa College of Statistics, Informatics and Computer Engineering. His research is focused on ontological knowledge bases development for informational decision making support in competence management. He is specialist in description logics and group expert estimation. He has over 30 scientific publications and methodical works. Also, he teaches and advises students on software and computer networks in the Ufa College of Statistics and Computer Techniques.

Author: Wolfgang Rauter

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