General information regarding the VNIL training course and certification:

Scope and Learning Outcomes

Scope: To train the trainers for further dissemination of VNIL practices throughout Russia. The target groups are facutly managers, admission officers and academic managers.

Learning outcomes: Participants are able to…

  • explain the importance of VNIL for higher education on the background of societal change
  • distinguish between different learning perspectives and their relevance for accommodating non-formal and informal knowledge
  • enumerate different VNIL practices and their requirements, advantages and disadvantages
  • quantify and assess learning
  • compose a process for validating informal and non-formal learning in their institution


For receiving the first certificate (1ECTS point) the attendance of a VALERU training programme in one of our four locations is mandatory. A prerequisite for the attendance is reading the course material and preparing the questions.

For receiving the second, international certificate (1ECTS point) following practical assignment is mandatory:

  • Writing a reflective report.
  • Passing the multiple choice assessment at the final VALERU conference.

Workload: 2 ECTS/ 72 academic working hours

  • 16 hours: preparatory work
  • 24 hours: face-to-face training at a host university in 4 different Russian regions
  • 24 hours: practical assignment (reflective review and preparation for the multiple choice assignment)
  • 8 hours: final control (final conference and multiple choice assignment)

Author: Isabell Grundschober

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