Moscow City University (MCU)


Moscow City University (MCU was founded in 1995 by the Moscow City Government and is administered by the Department of Education of the City of Moscow. MCU is ranked within top 3 of the best pedagogical universities of the Russian Federation providing excellence in learning and teaching, scientific research and development of professional skills and competences. MCU implements more than 300 degree programs ranging from mathematics and engineering to arts and design. International cooperation is MCU top priority enabling programs of academic mobility that attract students from all over the world (China, Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Iceland, Great Britain and other countries). Currently MCU is engaged in two Tempus projects (VALERU and ALLMEET – Actions of Lifelong Learning Addressing Multicultural Education and Tolerance in Russia).


Dr. Prof. Vadim V. GRINSHKUN

Vice-Rector for Innovations and International Affairs, Head of Education Informatization Department of the Moscow City University. Dr. Grinshkun’s scientific interests include the problems of education informatization, methodology of teaching computer sciences, use of information and communication technologies in class. Dr. Grinshkun is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education Informatization, author of 340 scientific works published in national and international publishing houses, enters into Top 100 of the most often cited scientists of the Russian Federation. More

Dr. Katerina L. KABAKHIDZE

Head of International Department, Head of Foreign Languages and Cross-Cultural Communication Department of the Moscow City University. Dr. Kabakhidze has a vast practical experience in international programs launch and development. Dr. Kabakhidze’s scientific interests are philosophy of language and psycholinguistics. More

Author: Wolfgang Rauter

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