Final Report Assessment: VALERU Considered as “Best Practice”

The VALERU Team at the final meeting in Moscow, October 2016

Achieved good results: The VALERU Team worked well together! (Oct. 2016)

Good results were achieved at the final report assessment of the VALERU project by the EACEA. The assessor were pleased by the VALERU project development and outcomes.

They positively mentioned the high number of visitors on, the Erasmus+ Jean Monet framework as a follow-up activity of VALERU, that we attracted also the interest of Asian researchers in Indenesia (Helmy S. Alam went through level 1 and 2 of the valeru training pogram). They underlined that there will be ex-post monitoring as they are hoping to see that an impact in the form of re-training sessions at the Russian partners, also more people educated on training level 3 (only 2 people have reached this level up to now).

The assessors wrote:“In view of the systemic impact that your project seems to have already achieved and which will certainly be even reinforced in the future, your project could be consideres as best practice.” (p.2 of the final report assessment)

We are very happy about the outcome of the EACEA assessment. We want to thank everyone who took part in the training sessions, worked with us, supported us in the Russian Federation and in Europe! Keep us posted about any follow-up/re-training- activities, so our colleagues at MIIGAiK, who are maintaining the valeru-platform, can add it to the news-section of the website.

We hope for further collaboration and that the validation of non-formal and informal learning spreads in higher education, to support inclusion, equality, democratisation of education and employability!

Dec 26, 2017 @ 8:52 am


Author: Isabell Grundschober

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