Dec 12, 2017 @ 6:15 pm

The French regulatory framework is clear and detailed in the Social Modernization Law of 2002 and the Decree specific to higher education. Individuals have a right to validate all prior learning and experience – formal, non-formal and informal – in order to access training or a degree issued by or on behalf of the State. Universities have the possibility of granting a full degree via the validation of prior experience, the coaching and support provided within the framework of this procedure are recognized and financed, and the data sheets of the National Directory of Professional Certification (RNCP) describe the qualifications and make them available via the Validation of Prior Experience (VAE) procedure for French qualifications.

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Here you can also download the VNIL guidlines from UBO, which were especially translated to support our Russian partners in developing a sound VNIL concept for their own institutions: UBO_VNIL_GUIDE

Read more here about the VALERU field visit at our partner university UBO and find out how they practice VNIL!

Author: Eva Cendon

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