European University Continuing Education Network

EUCEN is an international non-governmental not-for-profit association founded in 1991 and registered under Belgian law. It currently has 185 members in 34 countries, all actively committed to and involved in the development of University Lifelong Learning (ULLL). It includes 17 national networks for University Continuing Education/ULLL in Europe and 8 associations concerned with the education of adults. EUCEN is one of the founding associations of the EUCIS-LLL platform (European civil society platform on LLL).

The main aims & objectives of EUCEN are to:

  1. contribute to the economic and cultural life of Europe through the promotion and improvement of the quality of LLL within higher education (HE) institutions, and
  2. foster universities’ influence on LLL knowledge and policies throughout Europe

EUCEN represents a very rich source of expertise in the field of ULLL, university management and innovation.

EUCEN has been actively involved in the Recognition and Validation of non-formal and informal learning since 2004, through the coordination of European projects. In 2009 coordinated the creation of the European Observatory for non-formal and informal learning, which was reviewed and enhanced in 2013 through the highly prised project OBSERVAL-Net.

EUCEN’s main roles in VALERU will be (a) to give advice in the area of non-formal and informal learning and (b) to act as coordinators of the Dissemination Work Package of the project.


Carme ROYO  |  Francesca URAS  |  Gemma VALLS

Author: Wolfgang Rauter

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