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Danube University Krems (DUK) is a public university specialised in postgraduate continuing education, facing up to the technological and social challenges of lifelong learning and implementing innovation in education, both in research and teaching. It was established in 1995, has 3 faculties, 445 employees and manages 212 postgraduate study programmes for approximately 7000 students from 78 countries. The Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies (IMB) specialises in Educational Technology Teaching and Research. Its focus is to link ICT with educational processes, therefore, our work is the design, realisation and evaluation of didactic arrangements for technology supported learning in all educational sectors, including higher education.

Beside the overall coordination of the project, the main contribution of IMB will be to support in the analysis of validation approaches in Europe and based on this, in the development of a validation methodology to be used in Russian HEI. Furthermore, we will help to develop and carry out trainings for future experts for the validation of nonformal and informal learning, contributing specifically also with our knowledge and experiences with educational technology to support validation processes, for example, the eportfolio or the open badges initiative.



Projeсt Team


is full Professor for Technology Enhanced Learning and Multimedia and Head of the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technology. He graduated in sociology and received his habilitation with a thesis on “Background Knowledge – Groundwork for a Critique of Computational Reason”. His recent research focuses on (Higher Education) didactics, theory of teaching and learning, e- Education and distance education, e-Learning implementation strategies and the evaluation of learning environments. He is member of the Styrian Research Council, Austria, and of several advisory committees for eLearning. He has been key speaker at various TEL conferences and has published 8 books and over 120 articles.



is researcher at the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technologies. She graduated at the Vienna University of Economics and Business with a major in Economics and Socio-Economics. Currently, she is finishing her studies of Pedagogy. Together with Peter Baumann she is now coordinating VALERU.



is researcher at the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technologies. She graduated from the University of Vienna in German Philology and Communication Studies. Before joining Danube University in 2013, Andrea has been working in (German) language testing and thus was involved in evaluating language skills and the training of evaluators. Andrea has teaching experience in higher education in Austria and abroad (5 years as Austrian lecturer in Egypt), in CPD, especially for teachers, and in adult education. Her research interest lays in media and/for education and the role of media in developing and evaluating skills. Being involved in the EU funded projects EUfolio. EU classroom ePortfolios and EUROPORTFOLIO. European network of ePortfolio experts and practitioners, she focuses on the role of ePortfolios in teaching, learning and for the evaluation of competences.


Wolfgang RAUTER

holds a master’s degree in media management and worked several years at a science communication company. He significally contributed to dissemination tasks within both FP6 and FP7 EU projects before moving on to the Danube University, where he currently supervises science to public activities at the Department for Interactive Media and Educational Technologies.


is administrative assistant at the Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technology. She is responsible for all administrative issues in the management of European Research projects running at the Centre for Research in Educational Technology. Before joining Danube University in 2013, she was a logistics manager for over seven years in different companies like Lufthansa Cargo, Schenker Logistics and Sixt Car Rental.

Author: Wolfgang Rauter

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