The question of recognition and validation of nonformal and informal learning in Austria in general is tightly linked to the emergence of the concept of „Lifelong Learning“ and the Austrian strategy of Lifelong Learning “LLL:2020”. Even though the national strategy was adopted only quite recently, in 2011, the beginning of its development can be traced back in 2005, when the then Austrian Ministry of Education, Science and Culture planned to develop a first basis for the development of a coherent LLL strategy in Austria to cover the the whole educational sector, including higher education. The validation of non-formal and informal learning in Higher Education in Austria seems rather in the very beginning and so far, much related to the sector of continuing higher education programmes and the universities of applied sciences. Other examples are position papers from stakeholders like uniko, showing that at policy level (for example, as uniko for the public universities) clear statements are given, especially to mention here the national LLL:2020 strategy with explicit reference to validating non-formal and informal learning, including in HE. Also, a national validation strategy is underway, but this process has only started.

Country Report Austria

Национальный отчет Австрии на английском языке

Author: Eva Cendon

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